Kraken connects to the Lightning Network

18. Dezember 2020

Bitcoin, lightning fast – Kraken connects to the Lightning Network

When the octopus falls in love at first sight – While the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network (LN) continues to evolve slowly, more and more players are trying to join the network. This is now the case of the Kraken cryptographic exchange platform, which announces the integration of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network as of next year.

A Kraken team dedicated to the BTC secondary network

In an announcement published on 16 December, the Kraken crypto stock exchange explains that it will soon integrate Bitcoin Machine network into its platform, which will enable it to bring new functionalities and services to its customers.

„In 2021, we are committed to recruiting a team dedicated specifically to the Lightning Network as part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible experience for our traders and investors. »

The Lightning network is a second layer solution, parallel to Bitcoin’s main blockchain, which will make it possible to greatly increase the number of transactions per second, while making these transactions almost immediate. The perfect recipe for making the countless micro-payments of everyday life

In the first half of 2021, Kraken plans to first allow customers to withdraw and deposit BTCs present on the Lightning Network. This will enable them to move their bitcoins quickly, with extremely low transaction costs.

However, the crypto stock exchange does not intend to stop there, and even sends out a small recruitment message (with a link to an application form):

„But easier deposits and withdrawals are just the beginning of the additional features we want to offer. By joining the Kraken Lightning network team, you can shape the future of programmable payments with digital currency.

With 15,145 nodes, nearly 36,000 payment channels, and more than 1,061 Bitcoins on its network today (over $24 million at the time of writing), Bitcoin’s Lightning Network continues to grow well, although it should be noted that it is still in an experimental phase at the moment.

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