Komodo Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

29. September 2018

The team behind the Komodo Coin development would rather remain anonymous. However, they are very active within the crypto scene and are known to work with the SuperNET project. SuperNET is a decentralized organization that wants to bring different crypto currencies, blockchains and open source programs under one roof. On the platform the different crypto currencies should cooperate with each other instead of competing. For the benefit of the people, therefore it is also paid attention that the operability of the SuperNET is kept as simple as possible. SuperNET should combine the different advantages of all these crypto currencies and services. The idea came from the anonymous crypto developer jl777, who was annoyed that the communities that gather around the different crypto currencies did not work together.

Bitcoin profit advantages and disadvantages

The Zcash was once described by Snowden as the most secure Bitcoin profit. As a fork from a Zcash fork, the crypto currency is just as secure and offers the same anonymity. However, only the delayed proof-of-work really stands out, as does the connection to the Bitcoin. This ensures an increased level of security. This gives the KMD coin a unique selling point. It remains to be seen whether the platform will really assert itself and whether people will really start using it as a value store.

Ultimately, the project stands or falls with the Komo do platform. The coin itself is probably not as attractive as an investment. So if nobody is interested in using the platform, buying Komodo Coin is unlikely to be worthwhile. Nevertheless, the KMD Coin price has developed well lately. This shows that the stock markets are prepared to invest in the crypto currency. At the same time, you have to bear in mind that the development is not yet complete. The team is actively working on the continuation of the project, but it remains to be seen whether everything will work as the team imagined it would. It could happen that the KMD Coin could fall ill with similar problems as the Bitcoin. Proof-of-work is a very energy-intensive process that will only cost more power and computing power as it grows in size. In the event that the Bitcoin is no longer usable for any reason, the platform will have to look for an alternative.

Komodo Coin Price – Development – Forecast for Bitcoin trader

By February 2017, the price was quoted at 1 cent per coin. This may sound like little, but most Bitcoin trader started with much lower amounts. Until April, the price usually fluctuated between 1 and 1.5 cents. In May it rose to 4 cents, in June the price gained further in value, the coin cost 1 euro for the first time, in the middle of June even 2 euro. Thereafter, the value of the crypto currency fell again, at times to below 1 euro in July.
In August, the Komodo coin price rose again slightly. At the beginning of September, the crypto currency experienced a short rally, which raised the price to just under 3 euros. In September and October the exchange rate was mostly 1.5 Euro, in November again around 2 Euro. Buying Komodo Coin at the beginning of December 2017 should turn out to be worthwhile. Within a few days, investors catapulted the value of the coin to 9 euros. Thereafter, the price fell again, but traded much higher than in the previous year.
The price behavior shows that the Komodo Coin does not only follow the trends on the markets. In any case, the price is volatile and can make remarkable leaps. An investment seems to be worthwhile, because the coin could gain value again at any time. However, it is still too early to make a precise forecast.

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